Things to Consider When Buying Woodworking Apron

by Addey Supply Company on June 09, 2022
Things to Consider When Buying Woodworking Apron


Besides the tools/machines a woodworker uses for accomplishing various projects, the other most crucial accessory he needs is an apron. Are you a professional woodworker or planning to complete some DIY project involving wood cutting? If yes, you must have a high-quality canvas or leather apron in your closet. The section below would help you to understand which of the two types will match your needs the best. 

Canvas Aprons Are Easy to Handle and Maintain 

Many woodworkers prefer using canvas aprons as they are extremely easy to maintain and handle. You will need to put in minimum effort to clean them. They don’t require special treatments. You can use the basic cleaning and washing method to get rid of the dirt and debris accumulating on your canvas aprons. 

The only thing you’ll have to be careful about is the presence of wood particles on your apron. Canvas tends to collect the tiny wood chips pretty easily. As a result, daily cleaning (i.e., whenever you use them) is a must to keep these pieces tidy. This shouldn’t be a big deal for you as all you’ll need to do is dip the canvas apron into a bucket filled with soap and water, rub, and wash it with plenty of water. 

Leather Aprons Are for Individuals Looking for Hard Wearing Pieces 

Do you want your woodworking apron to resist the annoying wood debris? If yes, you should go for leather aprons. You’ll be able to wear leather aprons for a long time before you wash them. However, maintaining these aprons is slightly more difficult compared to their canvas counterparts. They require occasional oiling for remaining free of cracks and creases. However, you can avoid oiling your leather aprons frequently if you are fond of the worn-over look. 

Which One Should You Pick? 

Which One Should You Pick?

Both leather and canvas aprons have multiple pluses. You must focus on the differences between the two kinds to find out which one would match your working requirements the best. Finding answers to the following questions will make choosing the right piece easier for you. 

  1. Which One Offers Better Protection Against Water Damage? 

Canvas and leather have different relationships with water. If you are a professional who needs to wear the apron regularly, you should opt for a canvas apron. The apron might have certain parts made of leather; however, it should not be entirely made using leather. That’s because leather tends to go bad if it comes in contact with water frequently. 

When using aprons made entirely of leather, you’ll need to spend more on cleaning products. You’ll need solutions that would allow you to get rid of the dirt and debris accumulating on the apron without using water. You will never need such additional expenses when using canvas aprons. You can machine wash or hand wash them depending on your preference. If they are extremely dirty, you can send them for dry cleaning once in a while. 

  1. Which One Is More Durable?

Leather is usually more durable than canvas. However, if you opt for canvas aprons belonging to a reliable brand, they will remain in good shape for years with proper care. Here, you must note that the wear and tear tend to be more visible on canvas aprons than the leather ones. 

  1. Which One Is Easier to Maintain?

Whatever might be the type of apron you pick, you cannot avoid proper maintenance regimes. If it’s a leather apron, you will need to clean it using a leather conditioner at least once every year (even if you use it rarely). Leather conditioners are expensive; still, you’ll have to buy them. Deep cleaning using the conditioner is a must for ensuring that your leather aprons score heavily as far as their durability is concerned. 

The application procedure is simple. Take enough conditioner on a piece of cotton, apply it to your leather apron, and massage gently. You can use a cleaning sponge for better results. Wipe the excess conditioner away using a clean piece of cloth. If you use your leather apron regularly or live in a place with an arid climate, you’ll have to follow this cleaning regime once every two months. 

Canvas aprons require more frequent cleaning. According to experts, you must clean them after every two to three days of use. That’s because they tend to get stained and dirty pretty easily. As you have already read above, cleaning the canvas pieces is easy and doesn’t involve any complex steps. 

You shouldn’t worry even if the wax coating of your canvas apron becomes thin. You will just need your hair dryer and some wax for re-waxing the apron. 


If you are a professional woodworker, it would be wise for you to have both canvas and leather aprons in your closet. DIY workers, on the other hand, should opt for canvas aprons if they want something they can maintain easily. They should go for a leather apron if they want to look like an expert when working or want their piece to last a lifetime.