Addey Supply Company offers a vast range of knife bags and rolls for chefs all around the country. Our catalog of knife rolls is the perfect embodiment of classy and secured. We made these designer knife roll bags to ensure the complete safety of you and your equipment while you're on the road. Our expertly crafted handmade leather knife Rolls are perfect for ambitious chefs.
Don't settle for a basic range of knife rolls and chef knife holders when you can add your personal touch to your kitchen equipment. Addey Supply Company is proud to present its extensive online collection of the best knife wraps.

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Tuscania Leather Knife Roll -...

Tuscania Leather Chef Knife Roll...

Tuscania Leather Chef Knife Roll...

Tuscania Leather Chef Knife Roll...

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A Professional Collection of Custom Canvas Knife Wrap For Driven Chefs.

Apart from decadent food, the right kitchen equipment is of the utmost value for chefs at every level.
Addey Supply Company works to bring a quality collection of chef knife holders and custom-made knife cases to elevate your culinary skills. We believe the right tools like leather knife bags and rolls will help you out of harm's way when working in the kitchen.
Other than being highly functional, here are some highlights of our waxed canvas chef roll.

Evergreen and Sturdy Knife Rolls for a Durable Experience

As a veteran chef, you must know how important it is for kitchen equipment to be durable. But why stop there? Our collection of custom and trendy personalized knife roll bags is a culmination of fashion and performance. These genuine leather knife cases are perfect for every kitchen and go well with every aesthetic.

The More the Merrier- Spacious Knife Roll Bags for Added Convenience

For passionate chefs, no amount of equipment is excessive. To smartly store your collection of handy knives and kitchen equipment, we have designed our premium range of chef knife bags in leather.
These Leather Roll-Up Knife Cases are spacious enough to store up to 10 knives with other accessories. Aim for the finest with our best canvas knife rolls at our online store.

Plenty of Personalized Options to Choose from

Every chef has a signature dish, signature knife, and even a signature apron. Add a custom leather chef roll to your collection that depicts your passion for cooking.
We are frontrunners in the culinary industry for providing top-notch and customizable canvas chef knife holders. Flaunt your personality with the help of our expertly crafted knife bags available in our online shop.

Bring your Passion to your Adventures- Waxed Canvas Knife Cases for Effortless Travelling

Do you often crave the taste of your cooking while being on the road for a while? We can help you pack the necessary equipment with our collection of canvas chef bags.
With the help of our knife bags, you can store your collection of knives while on the go. The knife case will protect your luggage from being damaged by the equipment inside and keep you safe.

Leather Knife Roll Bags to Keep the Dirt and Dust Away

Protecting your kitchen instruments such as knives and scissors from dust and moisture is essential to better cooking. Ensure the protection of your valuable tools with the help of our state-of-the-art leather chef rolls.
These bags made of pure leather will help you enhance your culinary journey. Shop online from our store to take your cooking up a notch.

Knife Bags for all Buy Handmade Chef Knife Bags in Leather at the Best Prices

As your collection of culinary equipment increases, so will the need to store them. To keep up with your growing collection of tools, we have meticulously designed a line of affordable quality leather and canvas chef rolls.
Buy without worries from our online shop at competitive prices. Our business philosophy drives us to bring you top-notch culinary products that are worth your buck.

Knife Roll Bags for Chefs Reinvented

Gone are the days of bland knife cases. Addey Supply Company brings you their trendy collection of highly personalized chef knife holders for those devoted to the art of cooking.
Our dynamic range of culinary products is modern and for driven chefs. Whether you are a veteran chef or an aspiring apprentice, our line of culinary products is perfect for you. Browse through a plethora of options and buy the best knife wraps today!