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Addey Supply Company is a leather goods brand with a passion for adventure and a dedication to choosing a simpler way of living. Learn a new trade and earn money by hard work. We are honoring the lost craft of manual labor. That’s why we aim to provide men and women with a brand that adds Providing quality experiences in everyday life.

Hand-Made Perfection.

Handmade to Order, with Outstanding Quality. Addey Supply Products are handmade and delivered straight to you.We offer customized designs, so you can choose your own preferences. Changing the color, modifying the dimensions, adding a special feature, adding personalization are all options.You'll be able to enjoy handcrafted excellence that will last a lifetime, since each product is made from superior materials:Premium Quality YKK Metal Zippers, Top Grain Genuine Quality Leather.

Handmade Luxury Goods for Those Who Want More from Life

Addey Supply Company is proud to present its exciting collection of real leather goods and items for goal-driven and fashionable men and women. Having worked closely with some of the finest designers in the country, our range of designer products online are things of beauty. We offer state-of-the-art products for all your needs, ranging from culinary items to work bags and home accessories. In short, Addey Supply Company is your one-stop solution for a wide range of luxury goods.

Designer Custom Bags made from Genuine Leather and Care

A bag is a true companion for all of us. The ideal bag makes our life more convenient, more fashionable and new every day. Our online store has a collection of bags for every adventure life has to offer, whether it is travelling or going to work, we have your stuff bagged!
Shop from our stock of expertly crafted luxury leather bags to make your life effortlessly brilliant. Add a sense of refinement and depth with these evergreen bags.

Handmade Culinary Products to Facilitate your Passion for Cooking

Addey Supply Company understands the value of the right tools for kitchens all over the country. Our years of experience working with professionals in the culinary industry has helped us forge reliable, safe and fashionable tools for cooks of every level. Browse and buy from an exclusive range of culinary items such as cooking aprons made of genuine leather and knife rolls to store your equipment safely.

Home Goods to Elevate the Allure of your Place

An organized home can be more than simply efficient. Using smart and elegant home goods can make your home the go-to place for a fun time!
Addey Supply Company’s wide range of home accessories ranging from organizers to photo frames will make your life easy and vibrant. Be it productivity or unending fun, these modern home items have got you covered on all fronts!

Accessorize your Space with Handmade Luxury Items

Do you know the best ways to leave a great impression on those around you? It is the subtle aspects of life. Using premium quality accessories is an elegant way of going around your life.
We understand your need for signature accessories to represent who you are. Our timeless pieces will complement your personality to help you shine. Buy from an amazing catalogue of meticulously picked products available on our online store.